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Julie McCoy is a professionally-trained life coach embarking on a new phase of her professional life.  After 35 years as a trial and appellate attorney, Julie was called to coaching when she witnessed the power that life coaching has to transform lives.  Julie’s most fulfilling years as an attorney were those devoted to serving pro bono clients, helping them transform their lives by solving intractable legal problems that kept them from living lives of joy and satisfaction.  Through that work, Julie first found the greatest joy of her own life—helping others to “find their wings.”  Searching for an opportunity to summon that sense of joy and fulfillment in her retirement from law, Julie enrolled at Coach Training Institute, the world’s oldest life-coach training and certification organization.  She completed CTI’s certification program in November, 2017 and immediately after launched Dragonfly Coaching.

A word about the Dragonfly.  While considering retirement options, Julie found that she was surrounded by ubiquitous dragonflies.  It seemed that the suddenly abundant dragonflies had some meaning, prompting Julie to probe further.  An internet search revealed that dragonflies are the universal symbol of transformation and personal growth.  Hence, “Dragonfly Coaching,” for the first and foremost goal of life coaching is to assist the client in achieving transformation and to inspire personal growth.  As an added coincidence, Julie is a commercial pilot, and dragonflies are renowned flyers.  In a word, it was “meant to be.”


Julie is now mostly retired from her law practice and loving her new career as a life coach.  She brings not only the very robust training she received from CTI, but her love of people and her strong listening skills to her coaching practice.  She feels immensely privileged to share in her clients’ lives and to witness their personal growth and transformation.  While law was a calling of the head, coaching is a calling of the heart, and it is where Julie is delighted to focus her time and energy for the duration of her professional life.


Julie offers complimentary sample coaching sessions for anyone interested in or curious about what coaching might offer them.


                       Why Coaching?

Many people ask what issues clients seek coaching to address.  The topics are as broad and varied as the full range of human endeavor:  relationships, career, health and fitness, hobbies, achieving goals, dealing with change, overcoming obstacles, getting clarity, implementing new habits and ways of being, discarding outmoded habits and ways of being, finding one’s life purpose, and just wringing the most out of life wherever one is in the spectrum, be it launching a new career or retiring, beginning or ending a relationship, learning something new or unlearning something old.


At its core, the goal of coaching is to elicit transformation in the client by addressing goals both large and small and by creating an affirming and safe space to forward action and deepen learning.  No topic is too big to tackle or too small to be worthy, although certainly some are more calculated to bring about pervasive life change than others.  The client is the author of his or her own life story and, thus, gets to select the topic(s) on which he or he wants to coach.  As the coaching progresses, the client may choose to examine other areas and to expand the scope of the coaching.  Or not.  It is the client’s agenda, not the coach’s; the coach’s primary role is to hold the client’s agenda and call the client to account for what the client wants to achieve through coaching.


The relationship between the coach and client is the catalyst by which transformation is called forth in the client’s life and, as such, both coach and client empower the coaching relationship in service of the client’s agenda.  Coaching is a collaborative process in which the coach and client mine for the answers together through a process of brainstorming, experimenting with new approaches, homework, accountability, reflection, and assessment, among other things.  It does not entail the coach dictating to the client what choices the client should make, although the coach may sometimes make suggestions along the journey.  And certainly, it is the coach’s job to call the client out when the client deviates from his or her path or puts up obstacles to his or her success. 


There are a variety of coaching models out there today as life coaching becomes more prevalent.  Dragonfly Coaching subscribes to the “coactive” coaching model in which each client is held as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.  The beauty of this model is that it honors each client just as that person is without dictating that anything or anyone needs “fixing.”  Each client already possesses his or her own answers; coaching just facilitates their discovery and implementation.  In this way, the client can truly “own” the products of their coaching, as each client discovers his or her own truths and chooses to implement that learning to lead a fuller, more satisfying life.   


Anyone interested in exploring coaching further may “sample” the coactive coaching process in a complimentary half-hour session.  Just bring a topic and be ready to have some fun!

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Dragonfly Coaching Clients include lawyers, executives, retirees, pilots, students, and others.  All are welcome!

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